Systems Thinking Workshop

Workshop Content

The workshop is designed as a natural progression as each exercise or tool builds upon the previous. Facilitators plan to provide a morning and afternoon break, plus one hour for lunch.

SectionDescriptionPurposeSkills practiced
IMPACT: Forestry EditionStrategic foresight serious gameTo help imagine and think critically about the systems of forestrySystems thinking
Cause and effect
Framing the FocusOverview of the components of a system and how to recognize a systems problemTo scope the exploration of a system and identify systems behavior that stakeholders wish to changeChallenging assumptions
Organizational learning
Visualizing the StructureHands on practice creating causal loop diagrams and identifying systems archetypesTo draw the components and interactions related to a systems problem that stakeholders agree is importantCause and effect
Systems thinking
Looking for LeverageGroup discussion of intervention levelsTo identify possible actions and their potential depth of impact on the systems problem being exploredRisk management
Leveraging opportunities
Anticipating FuturesStrategic selection of the components of a preferred future systemTo evaluate the effects of various interventions or events on a systems problem and beyondStrategic foresight
Systems thinking